Endings and beginnings

My heart is heavy after learning that a lifelong family friend died last night from a short battle with cancer. She is free from suffering and pain and with her Savior, for which I give thanks. I still grieve for her and the family and friends left behind — I can’t help but feel — too soon.

I may have mentioned it before, but along with this sad news, I am reminded that a lot of what we collectively are feeling these days is grief. A lot of things feel like they have ended. Thousands upon thousands of lives are lost, yes, but it feels like a way of life has been lost as well. It feels like there have been, and continue to be, many endings.

Endings and beginnings.

This is the pattern of our lives.

I grieve those endings; I feel mired in grief. But I also am looking for, hoping for, trusting there will be the beginnings of new things.

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