Guilty pleasures

Writing a coherent and (hopefully) thoughtful blog entry has been a lot more challenging of late. My mind has all too often been blank. It is therefore a bit odd to think up a topic of guilty pleasures for today’s post. Perhaps it is my mind’s way of countering recent seriousness, doom, and gloom.

Here are some of my guilty pleasures:

  • Singing competitions (watching clips from them, I mean)
  • Any Sherlock Holmes videos featuring Jeremy Brett, the definitive actor to play the role
  • Any Miss Marple videos featuring Joan Hixson, who like Brett for Holmes, was by far the best at playing Miss Marple
  • Stuff made by Apple
  • Photography
  • Fresh homemade bread
  • Naps
  • Really good coffee
  • Sad love songs
  • Licorice
  • Negra Modelo beer
  • Travel

Upon reading this list, you may wonder why I use the word “guilty.” After all, as I sometimes jokingly say, guilt is so overrated. Nevertheless, I feel a pang of guilt about each item on my list for different reasons.

For example, I like most things made by Apple but they are far too expensive, so I feel guilty about spending money on their devices. I enjoy photography, too, but it is generally an expensive hobby as well. I feel guilty about naps because it has been drilled into me that they are selfish and that I could be doing something more productive. And so on.

What are your guilty pleasures?

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