Something most people want is certainty. Part of our collective struggles right now is a significant lack of it. Uncertainty breeds anxiety and fear and leads to all kinds of consequences. I’m convinced, for example, that the core issue behind disastrous support for the current U.S. administration is a wrongheaded reaction to lack of certainty.

There is a distinct lack of certainty in key areas of my own life and I’ve been thinking lately about how it affects me in multiple ways. I am frequently on edge due to dysfunction at work, for example. A better way to put it may be that whatever buffer I normally have to help deal with organizational weirdness is very, very thin to almost nonexistent.

Physical problems due to lack of regular exercise have led to unexpected challenges. I cannot rely on being able to handle certain physical tasks that I used to do all the time and took for granted. I can no longer be as certain about what I can do. Of course, that can be addressed by dedicating myself to exercise more.

We are inherently uncertain when doing otherwise normal things like grocery shopping or going to a doctor or taking a walk. We worry about our children socializing with friends and thereby possibly getting infected with a virus.

I do not consciously live in fear and in fact, I try to focus on what is positive and what I can be sure of, such as my faith. Each day, I try to live in a way that is not driven by fear, uncertainty, and doubt. But I think it’s important to recognize how significant a role they play as we collectively try to get through present difficulties. And how important it is to fight against them every moment of every day.

No wonder I am exhausted.

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