In transit

Today we finish our vacation and make the trip back home. It’s an in transit sort of day, which is another way of saying that we’ll spend most of it in between one place (where we stayed for our vacation) and another (home).

We will feel neither here, nor there. We will be in a natural adjustment period, shedding the vestiges of vacation life and getting used to being home again in our normal routines. We’ll be sad about the end of our vacation but glad to be home again to sleep in our own beds.

This is the way life goes, sometimes.

In fact, I think my wife and I have felt in transit for a long time. We haven’t felt truly at home in our house or community even though we’ve lived there for many years. The same applies to my job, where I hoped to settle for the rest of my career, but do not feel at home. The very long commute between home and work has contributed to this. The pandemic lockdown has helped in this regard in that it has temporarily done away with that commute, of spending hours each workday actually in transit.

Perhaps worse than all of that is how we have felt unwelcome at — or not at home with — the church we’ve attended for most of the past several years.

The fact is that we have felt stuck — in transit — for a very long time, and in multiple ways.

Of course, we have attempted many things to change that, and of course, we have often talked and prayed about it. We do not yet know what will happen next or what we will or can do to find a place to settle for good. Maybe that place is really where we are at right now, and it is simply a matter of finally accepting and getting used to it. I don’t know.

I am tired, though, of being in transit. I want to be truly at home, a home where there is peace and rest as well as joy and happiness. Maybe what I’m really wanting is heaven.

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