Branding run amok

I recently received a 400+ word email extolling the virtues of … wait for it … a yet-to-be-unveiled … new logo! Said logo will magically alter the course of the institution for the better, supernaturally and single-handedly increase enrollment, and, oh by the way, also achieve world peace.

Oh, the anticipation! Oh, the excitement at what the … wait for it … yet-to-be-unveiled … new logo will accomplish! Oh yes, and this is also the cornerstone of a … wait for it … brand new marketing plan!

All joking aside, of course there is a role for branding, and for marketing in general. My quibble is with the exaggerated and somewhat breathless way in which this initiative is portrayed using corporate-speak such as “enhance reputation,” “proactively respond,” “distill the essence,” and “transform…into a compelling…narrative.” I thought I left corporate nonsense behind years ago. Then, too, it seems tone deaf in the midst of unprecedented and sobering events around us in society and within the institution itself. Sure, let’s rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic and celebrate the “win.”

It only took a year and a half and Lord knows how many 100s of thousands of dollars to come up with the … wait for it … yet-to-be-unveiled … new logo.

Oh, brother. 🙄

This is branding run amok.

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