Rainy days are better days

Rainy day

“Rainy days are better days for hanging out inside.”

That’s a line from a John Denver song (“Cool An’ Green An’ Shady”) that came to me this morning as I drank my coffee and looked out on a somewhat dark, dreary, and definitely rainy day.

The gutters have yet to be cleaned from the winter. My kids don’t want to do it and I am not well enough at the moment to do it myself, so a lot of the rain overflows from our roof down the windows. This changes the view outside to one that is opaque and mottled, which is appropriate as it represents the way things are in life at the moment.

At the same time, there is something better about rainy days, especially in the Spring. Rain makes the many green hues glow more brightly, somehow. The green comes from new leaves on the trees and shrubs, and the newly vigorous grass in the yard. Ok, actually, grass competing with a multitude of weeds.

Something else that seems to be invigorated right now is various creepy crawly things, especially spiders. While sitting in an armchair, a large one crawled up my leg and then my arm the other day, causing me to yelp quite loudly as I couldn’t get it to stop coming at me. I saw another large one crawling up the bathroom wall yesterday, and then a third one on the computer desk in the living room scared my youngest while we were watching a movie last night. I don’t mind most spiders but please, spiders, stay in your lane and don’t come close. That’s when you might come to harm. I’ll leave you alone if you leave me alone, capiche?

Sundays lead inevitably to Mondays, and I’ve never quite shaken off the feeling of dread that stems from my student days when this time of the week comes around and I haven’t finished all of my school work. At this stage in life, unfortunately, that is still true, although I’m the teacher now and I’m behind where I should be in preparing for my first class of a new semester. Heck, I haven’t even finished grading assignments from last semester’s class. <sigh>

Obviously, the title of this post is aspirational…

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