Dogs are special gifts

Dogs are special gifts to us humans.

Take, for example, the dog shown in the featured photo for this post, a mini Australian Shepherd who happens to be deaf. She is one of three dogs in our household, and my favorite.

Although a family dog and one who loves everybody, she seems to enjoy my company, and I feel like I have a strong bond with her. She is about 18 months old, so she is mature in terms of growth, but still quite young.

Few things warm my heart as much as her excitement at seeing me after an absence, the way she greets me, and the way she often chooses to lay at my feet. Because of hearing loss, she is very visual as well as sensitive to touch. She has such a sweet nature, and isn’t one to make a lot of fuss, unlike our two other dogs.

Rather than handicapped, I view her as special, in the best sense of that word: a special gift.

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